What are the Most Important Principles of Web Design?
What are the most important principles of web design?

What are the Most Important Principles of Web Design?

In todayโ€™s online world, a website is the face of your business. Everyone – your customers, online visitors, shareholders, friends, and family, take a look at your website when they plan or think of doing business with you. Whenever you think of building your business website, give a special weightage to the website design element. If you are developing a website on your own or hiring theย best website designer in Pune, you first need to recognize web design principles highlighting what makes a great website design. The following is a short overview of those vital web design principles:

5 Most Important Principles of Web Design:

A good website must be awe-inspiring, sharp-looking, and user-friendly. Here is a list of excellent design principles to make your website effective and engaging:

1) Website Purpose:

Whenever you think of developing a website, first be clear about the purpose of your website. Categorize your website as an entertainment website or a blog or a news portal or an e-commerce store or a company website. Showcase to users what your website is going to offer. Once your website is live, your purpose shifts to highlighting expertise, building online reputation, lead generation, and sales & support.

2) Navigation:

Many top digital marketing experts state that any website visitor expects to get the required information within three clicks. Users find the information on the website through navigation. Thus, simple and insightful navigation is a key to keeping users engaged. Complex or confusing navigation makes it difficult for the user to get what they expect and search elsewhere for the same.

3) Hierarchy:

The way you arrange your website elements separates your brand from others. Hierarchy lets you highlight important information or part of the website and grab the attention of visitors to that particular panel. You can select hierarchy patterns according to size, texture, style, imagery, and whitespace.

4) Color:

Color is the thing that influences user engagements. A classy color combination would attract immense website traffic, whereas an old-fashioned color scheme may distract your website visitors. To create a pleasing atmosphere, you must pick a perfect color palette. Try to balance your core colors with the white spaces as they evade your website from visual confusion. Ideally, good websites implements only 2-3 color tones as it gives an appealing view to visitors.

5) Mobile-Friendly:

Today, 7 out of 10 customers browse your website through their mobile phones or tablets. This crowd has a great potential to leverage your sales figures. So, your website design must be mobile-friendly (responsive) meaning that it should adjust different screens automatically.
Apart from the above principles – load time, content, reading pattern, and imagery also play a crucial role in website designing.


Web design is the most essential factor that decides the success of your business. You must ponder or instruct your best web designer in Pune, the above website design principle while developing a website. If you are serious about your brand impression, get in touch with the best website design company in Pune (Studio1Hub) that will help you design a well-structured and high-performing website.

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